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TheLarge is a fully dynamic special relativity simulator using Openscenegraph for graphics and LuaJIT for scripting. It simulates relativistic motion of bodies, length contraction, time dilation and acceleration distortions. Bodies are given initial positions/velocities and can be accelerated during the simulation. Every body in a simulation can also be an observer. Graphically, the simulation is presented in a 2D top-down view, where the camera is located outside of the current observer. The engine is, however, fully 3D capable.

TheLarge has been written as a tool to help develop intuitive understanding of space-time physics. However, some prior knowledge of special relativity is necessary to understand the simulation in full.


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Licenced under GNU GPLv3. Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Marko Srebre



TheLarge 0.5.0 for GNU/Linux 64-bit download
TheLarge 0.5.0 for GNU/Linux 32-bit download
TheLarge 0.5.0 for Windows download (needs VC++2010 x86 Redistributable, get it here)
Older versions

Extract files and run examples in sh (Linux) or bat (Windows) directory. Source code is included with the packages.

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